Main Characters

Love of my life. Bearded. Wore flannel and Red Wings before it was trendy. Happiest when he has a DIY project. Loves animals more than people. Believes Big Daddy is everything he needs to know about parenting. Thinks showering is overrated. Pees outside whenever possible.

Ulla for short, pronounced oo-la. Named after my Oma. Born 4/27/15, a whopping 16 days past her due date. Stubborn. Dislikes napping. Loves being naked. Champion eater. Skeptical of Carl. Chubby. Bald.

FREE TO A GOOD HOME. Only surviving member of barn cat litter due to bad cat mom. Born Labor Day weekend 2013, acquired November-ish that same year. Likes being close to us but hates pets and cuddles. Mouse torturer. Green eyes with one brown spot. Bitey.

JIM + GER (aka Grandpa & Grandma)
Paternal grandparents, 88 and 87 years old respectively, living independently at home. Grandma's roughly in Stage 6 on the Dementia Scale; Grandpa still drives and walks the dog twice a day. Funniest people I've ever met. Stubborn as hell. Grandma frequently asks me if I'm married, and if I'm pregnant or just missed my Weight Watchers meeting. Love them both to pieces.

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