Monday, August 3, 2015

last august 3rd

I found out I was pregnant a year ago today. It was Sunday. My sister Juli had just gotten into town earlier that morning, on a break after AF basic training, and was staying with us.

We went out to lunch after church and came home to hang out a while. I was reading this book and reviewing my chart for the last month. John and I had been trying for a baby since we had gotten married, and I had wanted a baby since, well, forever. I was getting frustrated and worried that I wasn't pregnant, and tired of living in two-week intervals. It's probably safe to say that I was getting a little obsessed with all things pregnancy and fertility. 

Juli asked me if I had a tampons, and John remarked how terrible it was to be trapped between a girl reading a fertility book and a girl talking about her period. Poor John! I teased him that I wouldn't be bothering him any more with anything pregnancy related (wink wink), and when I did get pregnant, he'd be the last to know.

Fast forward 15 minutes. Both Juli and John dozed off, and I was still pouring over my chart (it was the first month I had actually charted). I noticed that even though my temperatures were erratic, they were consistently higher since I thought I had ovulated, a sign of pregnancy in the charting world. Earlier in the week, Tuesday, I had taken a pregnancy test and it was negative. Now it was five days later and still no sign of my period.

I went to the bathroom to take the last pregnancy test I had. (I don't even want to think about how much I spent on them over seven months!) I forced myself to not stare at the test while it was developing and distracted myself by washing my hands. When I could stand it no longer, I looked. Two lines. TWO LINES.  I actually said Oh my gosh out loud to myself, and my hands started shaking.

I ran to the couch where Juli was sleeping and woke her up, test in hand. She looked at me, bewildered and said Who are you going to give that to?  Ha! After shaking her to wake her up more, and then convincing her that it was mine and not faked (how one would do that, I have no idea), she demanded that I take another one immediately. By this time John had woken up, but I hid the test and told him we were going to the store for a "personal errand."

We drove to the grocery store and bought the most expensive digital test we could find, and I took it in the bathroom there, both of us huddled in the handicap stall. Juli watched the test and when the word Pregnant popped up, she cried and said You're really pregnant!

Juli made me take this photo in the parking lot

When we got home, John was on the couch and I walked over to him and handed him the digital test. He paused a moment and said, Which one of you is pregnant? 

ME! I shouted, and there was a round of hugging and kissing and more crying.

And that is the story of the day our lives changed forever, in the absolute best way possible.



  1. Seriously the greatest part of this post (besides the whole finally getting pregnant thing) is the parking garage pregnancy test photo. I could not love it more.

  2. This post makes me cry!! In a good way. The wonder of it all. Finally fulfilling your name.. Hannah. She always just wanted children.a husband and a family. Nothing is more wonderful, terrible, amazing and all-consuming as motherhood! From a Hannah and John to an Ursula Joy- a joy filled little warrior. Read Beni Johnson's Book, The Happy Intercessor. And as the great cloud of witnesses cheer you all on and proclaim, Glory to our God and King Forever! My heart is full. Mama/Oma 💞