Thursday, January 1, 2015

new year

Hello, and Happy New Year! 

I'm Hannah Geyen (rhymes with Ryan). 

By way of introduction, I'm in a committed relationship with a guy named Jesus, have a husband I adore more each day, live in the greatest state with the worst weather, fend off love-bites from a cat named Carl, am the oldest girl in a very large blended family (which includes a grandmother with advanced dementia), work as a marketing manager for my father's company, and have a baby due this spring.

For the last four + years, I've been writing over on FeetMoveForward, which was basically a training log/online journal during my peak running days. My life has changed significantly since I started blogging, and FMF no longer seemed like the right outlet.

In blogging before, I felt compelled to post often, even when I didn't have anything to say. I envision this space differently. Geyens Gone Wild will serve as part creative outlet, part place to capture the details of our adventures. 

I can't promise I'll post often, but I can promise that when I do, it will never be hastily written. Less is more.  Except when it comes to wine.

Welcome, and thank you for reading.

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